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Overlooking the rolling hills of the Blue Hills Country and Equestrian Estate in Beaulieu, Midrand, Reddford House Blue Hills is set among the beautiful natural dams and established indigenous trees of this prime lifestyle estate.

Our school boasts world-class educational facilities that enables academic, cultural and sporting excellence, further enhanced by our dynamic teachers, handpicked to inspire exceptional learning experiences.





It all starts with the notion or idea that one can walk into a room, a classroom, someone’s life and the broader community and say, “Oh, there you are …” and perhaps focus less on, “ Oh, here I am.”

And it is this inherent and underlying sense that resonates with me at Reddford House Blue Hills. It is gratifying to see how the staff and the school community approach each child and their lifelong education from the perspective of striving to focus on each child – their strengths, their potential, their contribution and their uniqueness.

“There you are” - It is there, quietly, inherently and pervasively and in everyday actions and activities.

We take action and we do so collectively – Reddford House Blue Hills continues to grow and go from strength to strength. Reddford House Blue Hills is the sum of all our collective actions and every child, parent, teacher, staff member and Head Office member work together to further enhance and develop our school.

Ronel Burger


Mrs. Ronel Burger and our Head Office continue to give focused and knowledgeable expertise to provide the solid financial and strategic direction for Reddford House Blue Hills. Our parents give selflessly and enthusiastically in a fellowship, fundraising and supportive role and we continue to appreciate the positive role that our parent body plays in all aspects of the school.

The Staff at Reddford House Blue Hills is a remarkable group of individuals whose collective actions deserve our thanks and admiration. Their contributions in the class room, on the sports field, culturally and musically and probably most importantly, the guiding and nurturing role, that they play on a daily basis in their pupils’ lives is commendable in every respect.

Reddford House Blue Hills’s students grasp the opportunities available to them with both hands. They work hard and play hard and they are fine ambassadors to the school, their parents and most importantly – to themselves. We all make choices and those choices do largely control our actions. We are most fortunate and grateful that our school is filled with so many people who make positive choices, which ultimately lead to so many meaningful and productive actions.

Our focus, young Ladies and Gentlemen, is you.  |  There you are.  |  You are kind.  |  Your life has incredibly potential.  |  You are important.  |  We value you.

My warmest thanks to you – one and all.


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